Lawn Service in Kenosha

The Finest Lawn Service in Kenosha

Thomas Concrete & Landscape is proud to offer professional lawn services. We’re masters of the outdoor space! Our lawn maintenance services include lawn mowing, bush and hedge trimming, weed whacking and weed removal, edging, aerations, seeding, and more! If it has to do with the upkeep of your lawn, we are your lawn maintenance experts in Kenosha!

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Don’t have time to get the mowing done every week at your Kenosha home or property? Thomas Concrete & Landscape can help with your mowing and other lawn maintenance and you can trust that we’ll get it done properly and on time. We can even do your weed whacking and removal, edging, mosquito treatment, or fertilizer/pesticide applications all at the same time! To keep your lawn looking perfect week in and week out, trust Thomas Concrete & Landscape – lawn maintenance experts in Kenosha!

Aeration and Seeding

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Why aerate your Kenosha lawn? Aeration involves the perforation of your soil with small holes that allow nutrients to get down to the grassroots and alleviate soil compression. This is another one of the many professional services we can bring to your Kenosha home. Much like you would see on a golf course, conduit for fresh air and water to gain access to the roots, allowing the roots to grow more deeply, producing a stronger, more healthy lawn. Again, this is part of our holistic approach to lawn and landscape beautification. Thomas Concrete & Landscape are your Kenosha lawn experts. Reach out today. You will not be disappointed!

Thomas Concrete offers professional concrete, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal services throughout SE Wisconsin.