Weed Control

Weed Control in Kenosha & Racine

If You Don’t Want That Plant Growing in Your Lawn or Flower Bed… It’s a Weed!

Take the hassle out of weed control when you have Thomas Concrete & Landscape do it for you! You can be assured your lawn will be taken care of with professional lawn maintenance & landscaping services from Thomas Concrete & Landscape in Kenosha. Those cursed dandelions and ugly crabgrass can put a damper in the look, feel, and growth of your lawn. Thomas Concrete & Landscape will handle all your weed control and leave you with a beautiful, healthy lawn all season long! We also offer fall clean-ups and comprehensive property maintenance!

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Thomas Weed Control Service

The first step to removing all the weeds in a lawn is to prevent new ones from coming up! Thomas has Wisconsin-State certified applicators for fertilizer and pesticide applications. You won’t have to worry about any new weeds taking up residence on your property! Impress your family, friends, and neighbors with your weed-free property. Contact Thomas Concrete & Landscape for all your lawn maintenance needs today!

Thomas Concrete offers professional concrete, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal services throughout SE Wisconsin.