Concrete Pathways in Kenosha

The Path is Clear: Choose Thomas!

Thomas is the expert in all things concrete in Kenosha When you need a pathway for your home or business, Thomas is the one to call for reliable and quality service. We offer a variety of designs, from simple concrete walkways. to stamped concrete paths with a wide variety of design and texture options. No matter your situation, Thomas Concrete & Landscape will ensure that your concrete pathway is tailored to fit your desire.

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Concrete Paths

If you’re looking to replace an old, cracked and broken walkway, or in need of creating a new walkway, Thomas Concrete & Landscape can do the job for you. Our craftsmanship and quality materials will ensure that your new pathway stands the test of time. We pride ourselves on our high-quality craftsmanship, so you can always be sure that every path we lay is done to the best of our ability.

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Textured Concrete Pathways

Make your pathway unique with our stamped concrete. Also called imprinted concrete or textured concrete, a stamped concrete pathway adds a long-lasting, visually appealing decorative element that caters to your style. Stamped concrete simply provides a feel that normal, flat concrete just can’t hold a candle to. At Thomas Concrete & Landscape, we are the superior choice for your new concrete pathways in Kenosha because we can do almost any design in concrete. Concrete is the canvas, and the master concrete makers at Thomas are the artists. Bring out the best with stamped concrete by Thomas Concrete & Landscape! Need help with other concrete work? We can help pour your basement or foundation, or just about anything concrete-related! Questions? Contact us today!

Thomas Concrete offers professional concrete, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal services throughout SE Wisconsin.